Making contracts isn't just for little girls, anymore...

That's right! We at Puella et Puer Magi strive to cling to canon as much as we can with the addition of rules of our own such as the introduction of Magical Boys and Warlocks What makes them different from the big bad Witches and tough Magical Girls? If given a choice, what wish do you think would be worth selling your soul?

And who would you give it to?


Our primary focus in Puella et Puer Magi is to adhere to canon as best as we can as we attempt to play out an alternate and doomed timeline of the Puella Magi Madoka Magica universe. Making sure that a concept makes sense comes first, all else follows. While changes may be made and rules may be placed on wishmaking, it is always for the sole purpose of keeping this site functional and fun for everyone. As moderators of this site who have been working on this since November 2012, we strive to ensure that we work with any member that requests aid of us as well as to help progress the plots of individual characters as well as our own.

Character of the Month

Who will it be this month?

School Announcements

To all new students, welcome to Mitakihara Middle School!

For all returning students please be advised that we have experienced a significant cut from our budget and as a result we are experiencing a shortage of teachers and staff.

We're happy to now say that despite the still-present staff need, the Orientation Dance may be available late April or early May. Please remember this is supposed to be a nice dance-- no jeans!

Mitakihara News Bulletin

Life in Mitakihara Town is wonderful, as always.

Crime is kept under control by the ever-vigilant police force and the weather is bright and sunny every day. Don't hesitate to stop by the Park at night to watch the stars!


Iconomics, the group's founder, has worked for months on end to research and bring in information to a site that hadn't even received acknowledgement until several months after the site was made and it was under construction. She's worked long and hard to get this site to where it is today and is proud that it's been able to get to where it is today.


Sylvirr joined the team just a couple of months after it was made and has been there to bounce back ideas and provide input the entire rest of the way. It's thanks to her that we have a surplus of information to help members learn about this community created.

Vergess is our most recent addition, and she's by far done a surplus for a site that might not have even made it to the end. She's the reason for all of our wonderful layouts, both in our original zetaboards version and this, and even to this day she's on a neverending working spree. If you ever get the time, please tell her thank you on behalf of this community for making this dream come true.

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Apr 27 2017, 12:31 AM
http://z5.ifrm.com/30187/111/0/e5160839/e5160839.gif Where oh where have they gone?

If Inkuba and Awaii are in certain active threads (especially battle threads), their location will be posted here. You cannot summon Inkuba / Awaii in a battle if they are already in a battle thread. Liquid time applies otherwise.

Please use this small form for your reply post. Please use your character account, not your OOC. Also keep in mind that you can only summon your own Incubator. If you need to talk to the other one you'll either need to find them in an existing thread or ask a friend.

In your request please write the name of the Incubator, put the name and link of the thread, and a brief summary of the thread.




Apr 3 2013, 02:47 PM
If you'd like for your character to have a roommate, post a brief ad in response to this post with the following information. For best results, writing as the character may have posted a craigslist ad could help with beginning introductions as well as letting the other person answer the ad more efficiently.

❀ Character's Name & Room Number
❀ Preferred traits of potential roommate
❀ Ideal Gender (if applicable)
❀ Ideal Age (if applicable, though adults should most likely not room with small children unless family)
Apr 3 2013, 02:03 AM
Hey there! Reply to this post with your name, age, and a little about yourself so we can get to better know each other. http://z5.ifrm.com/30187/111/0/e5160841/e5160841.gif
Mar 12 2013, 07:56 PM
Contrary to popular belief, we'd like you to win some battles! It can be a bit overwhelming for the new recruits, so here are some tips and tricks that may make it easier for you to gather some rewards!
  • Worried that your posts are getting ignored? Bold character names or when you use spells, or talk to the other player about it.
  • If you don't want to describe how a skill works, try nicknaming your power. Nothing packs more punch than a TIRO FINALE!!!
  • You get a Grief Seed by winning a group battle with 0% corruption or by low chance in a single battle. There are risks and benefits to both decisions.
  • Don't Godmod.
  • Splitting up actions into paragraphs can sometimes help if they're too wordy.
  • Take advantage of the scenery and get creative with your battle. There are so many themes and we want to give you a unique experience every time.
  • Summoning Inkuba and Awaii for a thread can change the battle and even add NPC enemies / allies. Use them if you want a real challenge! [You can only summon an Incubator once per event.]
  • You CAN have multiple group fights going on in the same event, but you can't use the same characters.
  • Challenge other magical boys/girls to a duel every now and then. It's a wonderful way to practice and there are no costs for losing.
  • Inkuba and Awaii might pop up in random Hunting Grounds threads to let you know there's something important going on, especially if there's a fight or a plot afoot. They can't recruit magical girls and boys who are in Safe Zones though.
Mar 8 2013, 01:47 AM


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