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That's right! We at Puella et Puer Magi strive to cling to canon as much as we can with the addition of rules of our own such as the introduction of Magical Boys and Warlocks What makes them different from the big bad Witches and tough Magical Girls? If given a choice, what wish do you think would be worth selling your soul?

And who would you give it to?


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 Witches, Warlocks, Human Foes, and Familiars
 Posted: Mar 7 2013, 10:47 AM


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Whether it's to size up your target or to consider what sort of monster your Magical Girl / Boy may eventually become, it doesn't hurt to know a few key differences between witches and demons.

Witches and Warlocks
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Witches and Warlocks are the grief-ridden manifestations of a Magical Girl who has lost all hope in the world. They symbolically represents the Magical Girl that she was born from and oftentimes is a vicious target to those the girl used to know, both enemies and friends alike.

Key aspects of witches are:
  • Enemies hide themselves away in barriers. Barriers are more or less their own alternate reality land where they and their minions assume control. Only incredibly dangerous Witches/Warlocks in holiday events can spawn without needing a barrier.
  • They can affect people with 'kisses' which causes a tattoo to appear on the target marking them. Upon being 'kissed' by a witch a non-magical character will become overrun with grief and be driven to suicide. People affected by a witch's kiss can be saved! There might even be a bonus for it...
  • They can have familiars that can be additionally fought or interacted with. While they only become aggressive when the witch's barrier is startled, they can escape their barrier and wreak small-scale havoc until they themselves become witches and warlocks as well.
Witches/Warlocks that appear will be listed in this thread


Rival Magical Girls/Boys
Uncommon. Incredibly uncommon. It is however a nasty possibility that a Magical Girl or Boy could turn their powers against you. They're tough, they're dangerous, and they run an exceptionally high chance of turning into a Witch or Warlock with their anger spiraling out of control. It could be to steal a grief seed, it could be to claim territory, but it's a battle you wouldn't like to lose. These foes will more often than not appear as PvP fights-- and so a moderator isn't required at all for the fight to happen.

--- MINOR FOES ---

Familiars are small creatures who have formed their own barriers, branching away from the witch that created them. While they have their own barriers they aren't necessary to battle because despite their impressive strength they haven't yet fully formed into a Witch. Just as in the series, it's up to a Magical Girl or Boy's discretion whether to pursue these creatures to prevent a powerful Witch from being born with no Grief Seed as loot... or to let it grow and harm people as it increases in power all for the sake of yourself.


Sometimes, the scariest thing for a young boy or girl to stumble across -- magical or not -- is another aggressive person. The biggest issue with them is that killing a human foe means breaking the law. How long do you think a Magical Girl would last in the juvenile detention center? Not long... not long at all.


Witch-Kissed Humans
These enemies aren't a danger to others, but a danger to themselves! Anyone who has been witch-kissed exists out of the barrier and seeks to harm or even kill themselves. If they aren't knocked out before stepping into a Witch's barrier they run the risk of being dead once you find them again!

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